“Randy Blazak’s work in the media and as an advocate on the issue of hate crime has engendered both thoughtful discussion, and at times spirited debate.  Randy is a  force of nature and smart as a whip, with an  intellectual inertia that prizes intensive dialogue, no matter where that river flows. A true authentic public intellectual.”

- Brian Levin, PhD

Director, Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism

California State University - San Bernardino 



Speaking Engagements

Why is hatred such a persistent problem in our society? How we utilize what works to create a less divisive world? Whether in front of the classroom or a TV camera, Dr. Randy Blazak is known for taking the complex issues around race, gender, extremism, and crime, and making them easily relatable. He has become an in-demand keynote speaker for human rights, social work, and violence conferences. He has logged over 150 presentations to communities, universities, and secondary schools, discussing his research on hate crimes and related topics. His workshops on bigotry and bias have helped train a new generation of federal workers, law enforcement, and educators. By using humor to balance out some dark subject matter, as well as a healthy dose of stories from the field, he manages to keep audiences engaged as well as inspired to find their own ways to make a difference.


Dr. Randy Blazak has utilized his scholarship to serve as a respected expert witness in the courtroom in civil, criminal, and family court cases. Whether hired by the prosecution or the defense, he applies his academic work ethic to cases, doing research, preparing reports, and often testifying before juries on complex issues related to hate and violence. The cases have ranged from homicides to a case about a teenager who got a bit crazy in a mosh pit. His expertise has also been utilized in city planning projects, grant reviewing, and in countless media interviews.

Continuing Legal Education Classes

Dr. Blazak holds a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) class that has been approved for a 1-hour Access to Justice credit by the Oregon Bar Association. The class, The Roots of Bias, addresses root causes of bigotry and bias in the legal field and workplace. Topics include implicit bias, sociological roots of bias, and strategies to confront bias.


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